Waste Solutions

Find out about your Council collection or organise a private skip bin hire, septic pump out, or extra wheelie bins

Waste Solutions

Our experience providing commercial waste services to small, medium and large business spans over 80 years.

Waste Solutions

Solo utilise proven waste equipment, and waste industry technology, for residential garbage collections to Councils across Australia.


Learn how we can provide scheduled, or on demand bin hire for your commerical waste recycling.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

At Solo Resource Recovery we can assist you to develop a scheduled waste management plan for your business.

Leading Innovations

Solo’s industry leading innovations are complimented by a genuine customer focus. We deliver the service of a family company with the professionalism and resources of a large company.

Year Experience

Vehicles service Australia


Australian Owned & Operated

Solo Resource Recovery is a 100% Australian owned and operated industrial services, and waste management company that has been providing efficient waste solutions for government, business and households for over 80 years.

Passionate About Resource Recovery

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Generous Garbo!

Kitchener, NSW All this little girl wanted to do was watch the Recycling truck empty the bin (in her bin costume) and to say thank you. She never expected the driver to stop and emerge from the truck with a toy truck! One very happy and thankful 4 year old and the...

How to reduce waste in a cafe or restaurant

Cafes and restaurants invariably produce large volumes of waste, which must be quickly and easily disposed of to keep the business running smoothly. This is generally made up of food waste along with plastics, glass, and some miscellaneous items. In the fast paced...

How to manage construction waste

When it comes to construction or demolition, there is always a large amount of bulky waste that needs to be disposed of. Some of this waste may even be hazardous. The type and volume of refuse which is produced by building or demolition cannot be accommodated by...

Four reasons to have a waste management plan

Every business should have a waste management plan. Your waste and recycling plan will be the blueprint for how your business will deal with any by-products it creates. At Solo Resource Recovery, we help businesses from many different sectors to develop a plan for...

Never miss bin day again!

Greetings and welcome! The new SOLO Bin app provides LRC residents with information on: • when your rubbish bins will be emptied and whether it's your general waste, recycling or green waste bin collection week • what items can go in each bin • personalised reminders...

Five ways to make your office more efficient

Office waste management solutions are a clever way to boost productivity in your office. Generally, when you think of a waste management plan, you think about keeping the office neat and tidy, and of making sure that everything is disposed of in an environmentally...

How to reduce waste management expenses for your business

Every business, no matter how large or small, needs a clear path for how they will manage the waste that they produce as a result of their activities. At Solo Resource Recovery, we work with businesses of any size to develop waste management solutions which are...

Four bins that every office needs

Offices produce considerable amounts of waste, which must be dealt with as a regular part of business. You can optimise your waste disposal processes with just a little bit of thought and planning – it is easier than you think. At Solo Resource Recovery, we work with...

How to dispose of medical waste

The safe and legal disposal of medical waste is a challenge for many allied health services and businesses. Usually, larger facilities such as hospitals have this in hand, with well established systems and protocols so that all medical waste is disposed of correctly....