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Medical Waste

Medical Waste

Medical waste services

Medical waste removal, and medical waste disposal are specialised areas of waste collection that require a certified and experienced operator to undertake.

A 240-litre wheelie bin is the standard-sized vessel that we supply for medical waste disposal, along with dedicated containers designed specifically for the collection and storage of sharps.

Medical waste purpose-designed bags, bins and containers are available in the following sizes:

  • 1.5 Litre
  • 3.0 Litre
  • 6.0 Litre
  • 10.0 Litre
  • 14.0 Litre
  • 22.0 Litre
  • 32.0 Litre
  • 60 Litre
  • 72 Litre
  • 120 Litre

As this service is not available in all locations, we ask that you please contact the local Solo Resource Recovery representative in your area, to find out more about how we can best assist you and your organisation.

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