West Torrens Hardwaste Booking Form

  • To order a Hardwaste booking online please fill out the form below.

    If you wish to book over the phone, please call: (08) 8295 5077.

    Alternatively you can book via e-mail by sending your details to: customerservice@solo.com.au
    Please allow up to 4 weeks for your collection. Do not place items outside your property without a booking as this is illegal dumping.
    Consider if items can be reused. For reuse, recycling and other disposal options, visit the A-Z Guide to Waste and Recycling at West Torrens Hard Waste Guidelines.
  • Address Details

  • Contact Details

  • Collection Details

  • Please follow this link to read the collection guidelines.
    West Torrens Hard Waste collection guidelines
  • Booking Confirmation & Instructions

  • You will receive an automatic response email shortly confirming that your booking request has been received.

    Solo will then advise you of your booking date.
    You will receive;
    ● A letter/email advising your collection date (if not suitable please contact Solo 8295 5077)
    ● Hard waste collection guidelines
    ● A label (link) to print and place on your items for collection

    Don’t forget to mark this date in your calendar!

    Resident must advise Solo no later than 2 full working days prior to a collection date if they wish to cancel the booking, if no notice is received the booking will count as 1 collection toward the annual allowance.