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Septic tanks are an essential part of plumbing. Many people underestimate the power of plumbing in the world today, and the same can most certainly be said for septic tanks. Here’s why septic tanks in Melbourne are a thing of the future…

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The purpose of septic tanks in Melbourne
Septic tanks were created for smaller and more rural communities who did not have the luxury of everyday sewage systems unlike us city folk. The convenience of these handy little tanks not only meant peoples unwanted sewage was contained; it also protected the surrounding environment from contamination and degeneration of plants and wildlife alike.

How do they work?
A specially designed tank (sometimes consisting of two) is typically installed underground and connected via piping up to the properties nearby. Once you flush; the sewage is deposited into the tanks to begin the healthy bacteria break down.

Excretion to completion:

  • Sewage enters from the house plumbing pipelines
  • The anaerobic processes begin to break down solids
  • The ‘unbreakable’ waste is contained at the bottom (becoming sludge)
  • The treated liquids are transferred through the effluent filter for safe disposal
  • The sludge is emptied when the septic tank is pumped


Why Septic tanks in a city like Melbourne?

There are many advantages to installing a self maintained septic tank over using public sewage systems. To name a few;

  • Low cost maintenance in avoiding the high cost of sewer lines. Septic tanks can be a real money saver when you consider the fact that treated groundwater is being recycled on site.
  • Safer systems in that the sewage is safely contained within a tank and pumped regularly in comparison to aging sewage lines leaking untreated waste into the environment.
  • Easy to maintain with a professional occasional Melbourne septic pumping and clean every now and again; septic tanks needn’t ever be disturbed by the homeowner.
  • Environmentally friendly in reference to number one, the effluent water is released into the soil; meaning free and recycled water for grass and free fertiliser for the garden from the remaining treated organic waste.

Provided you arrange professional maintenance, septic tanks in Melbourne are an incredibly efficient and economic consideration for the future and can be easily arranged and installed on your property or nearby. Read more below for an insight into the maintenance…

Septic Pumping Melbourne
Septic pumping in Melbourne is a must do requirement in ensuring the healthy maintenance of your septic tank. Emptying the build up of sludge and scum water refreshes the tank and prevents any overflow of dangerous raw sewage. If you leave this too long, it will not only cause rancid smells around your home; it can also cause potential major and costly plumbing problems down the track.

It’s important to arrange a professional septic pump from a licensed and experienced liquid waste removal company; both for your home and the safety of the environment.

Septic Cleaning Melbourne
Septic cleaning is usually recommended when moving properties to refresh the tank. Arranging for your septic tank in Melbourne to have a proper clean is also an ideal idea every once in a while; this can be arranged after the septic waste is pumped out and emptied.

A professional service can be provided by Solo to ensure the cleanliness of your tank, for your homes wellbeing as well as the surrounding environment.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

As an experienced liquid waste removal company, Solo Resource Recovery can arrange the regular septic pumping in Melbourne and decommissioning of your septic tank as soon as it’s required. It’s important to upkeep the healthy maintenance of your septic tank, so call us today on 1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 76 56).

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