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Septic tanks have been essential in maintaining the sewage that comes from smaller communities that are usually rural and do not have access to main sewer systems. Home and business owners also benefit from having these septic tanks installed in Kingscliff, here’s why…

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What are septic tanks?

First of all, septic tanks Kingscliff are chambers made from special materials (plastic, concrete, fibreglass etc…) and are designed as a water waste treatment to retain, treat and safely dispose of all liquid waste from people’s properties (toilets, sinks and anywhere waste is thrown). Septic tanks are usually installed underground on ground level, so they can be easily accessed for septic pumping and septic cleaning.

Septic Tanks treatment process:

  • Liquid waste enters the septic tank
  • Micro organisms break down waste
  • Sludge (solid waste) is contained in the tank
  • Treated water is released through the drain field via effluent
  • Surrounding soil underground absorbs recycled waste water

It’s easier to think of septic tanks Kingscliff as our own efficiently run mini sewage systems; because that’s essentially what they are and what they were designed for. It’s nice to think you have control over things, and why not your plumbing system as well?

Why septic tanks?

In comparison to using the main sewage systems, here are some advantages to take into consideration when it comes to having a septic tank in Kingscliff on your property:

  • Easy to maintain; you do nothing but arrange an occasional professional servicing of the septic tank
  • Environmentally friendly; you never risk a harmful leak of toxic waste that has been known to occur from public sewer systems
  • Low cost; saving your water bills with more control over where your waste goes, and less wasted water on your garden (the recycled water feeds the flora!)
  • Simple to install; a professional installation can be arranged as well as regular servicing

It’s important to take into consideration that having a septic tank comes with some responsibility; you must remember to keep it well maintained and have the occasional professional servicing. The following details will tell you what you need to do.

Septic pumping Kingscliff

Septic pumping is a professional service that is required once your septic tank Kingscliff has become full with sludge and grime. It’s important to have this arranged on a regular basis to ensure the healthy and continuous flow of your septic tank and its water treatment processes.

Septic pumping is the process that removes all of the sludge and harmful substances and can be arranged by one of our professionals here at Solo. We send out experts who have been highly trained in septic pumping and cleaning to safely empty and dispose of sewage which protects you and the environment.

Septic cleaning Kingscliff

You can also arrange to have a professional septic cleaning of the tank alongside the septic pumping. Septic cleaning is a thorough cleaning process that uses chemicals to remove insidious waste and dangerous bacteria build up on the side of the tank. It’s important to have this done once in a while to lengthen the life of the septic tank.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

As an experienced liquid waste removal company, Solo Resource Recovery can arrange the regular septic pumping in Melbourne and decommissioning of your septic tank as soon as it’s required. It’s important to upkeep the healthy maintenance of your septic tank, so call us today on 1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 76 56).

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