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Do you have a septic tank in your backyard? Do you know when the last time it got emptied was? Call Solo Resource Recovery today for all of you septic tanks requirements in Keysborough and surrounding areas, including septic tank maintenance, septic pumping and septic tank cleaning.

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Solo have been local experts for 80 years in maintaining your daily domestic and commercial septic waste.

Septic tanks in Keysborough are vitally important for proper sanitation and waste management in remote, rural and coastal areas. Septic tanks are also becoming more popular in metropolitan areas because they are an environmentally friendly waste management solution for those wanting to live a little more off the grid.

So where does septic waste in Keysborough go?
Septic tanks located on domestic properties are usually constructed underground from sturdy materials that won’t degrade over time. The waste water from your plumbing is collected in the septic tank reservoir and broken down over time from the bacteria in the tank.

Septic Tanks in Keysborough are a relevant addition or consideration for you home for both the present and future, with low maintenance cost and high economic purpose; here’s why your home will benefit from a septic tank.

How do septic tanks work?

Septic tanks in Keysborough are designed to safely store and break down raw sewage underground meaning it is made with strong materials such as concrete, fibreglass or plastic to contain dangerous chemicals that would otherwise cause damage to the surrounding environment. Depending on the size of the area or building that the septic system needs to service, often more than one septic tank is installed underground.

So won’t having a septic tank on site create a bad smell in the area? Relax! the septic tank is out of sight, out of smell and out of mind.

Once the septic tank is attached to your household plumbing system; all future household waste flows through the pipes and is deposited into the septic tank. Once your waste enters the tank, the following process occurs:

– The waste enters the septic chamber where bacteria begin to break down the liquid waste.

– This waste is then divided into three parts – sludge, scum and partially treated liquid (water)

– Sludge, being a solid unable to leave the tank, settles on the bottom of the septic tank.

– Partially treated water is safely released into a drain field where the treated liquid waste (effluent) is released into the soil underground

Septic Cleaning and Maintenance In Keysborough
Every so often, your septic tank will require a professional clean where the sludge can be drained out of the tank and the reservoir cleaned. In many circumstances, people arrange to have their septic tanks cleaned when they are moving properties. However, it is beneficial to the maintenance of your home and environment around to have this cleaned more frequently. Leaving a septic clean too long can result in future plumbing problems as well as bad smells around the area.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

Contact Solo today to arrange a professional clean and septic pumping service for your septic tank in Keysborough. As an experienced liquid waste removal company, Solo Resource Recovery can arrange the regular septic pumping in Keysborough for your septic tank, keeping your home and the surrounding environment healthy. Don’t neglect the health of your septic tank, call Solo today on 1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 76 56).

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