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Despite the fact that Dandenong is located in a metropolitan area, many properties have a septic tank separate from the main sewerage system. Maintaining the health of the septic tank on your property is vitally important in preventing any leaks and reducing any risks the tank may pose to the environment. Even with regular maintenance, there are a few issues that appear regularly with domestic septic tanks.

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Common causes of septic tank issues in Dandenong include:

  • Large amounts of sludge blocking disposal pipes and preventing water flow in and out of the tank
  • Too much wastewater causing solids and sludge to be pushed back up into the plumbing, blocking household pipes. This often occurs if there is more wastewater coming in to the system than the septic tank is designed for
  • Toxic chemicals, such as bleach or commercial cleaners, entering the septic tank chamber. These toxic chemicals destroy the bacteria that are necessary for the operation of the septic tank and breakdown of waste

So how can I tell if there is a problem with the septic system in my backyard? Signs of a problem with your septic system include:

  • Water draining away very slowly from showers, sinks and bathtubs
  • Gurgling pipes as the water is draining away
  • Noticeable sewage smells around the area of the septic tank or pipes
  • Water pooling around the disposal area
  • Grass is unusually green above where the septic system outlet is installed

Don’t be alarmed by all of these potential issues with your septic tank. Solo Resource Recovery is your local septic tank expert, and they are here to ensure that your septic system is maintained in an efficient, affordable and environmentally conscious manner.

The importance of regular septic pumping and cleaning in Dandenong

So let’s talk maintenance. Regular, timely septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning is the best way to make sure your tank remains in top condition.

Septic pumping refers to the emptying of solid waste and sludge that accumulates in the septic tank over time. Regular septic pumping in Dandenong is vitally important in maintaining the effectiveness and longevity of the septic tank on your property.

If the amount of solid waste in the septic tank passes the fill line, without professional removal the water will not flow continuously in and out of the chamber, and there is a risk of contaminated water leaking into the surrounding environment.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

Regular septic cleaning in Dandenong is also recommended to remove any chemical waste build up that may stick to the walls of the septic tank. Our experienced team at Solo Resource Recovery have many years of experience providing septic tank cleaning and pumping services in Dandenong and surrounding areas. Call us today on 1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 76 56) to arrange a consultation and maintain the health of your septic tank and the environment.

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