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When you hire Solo Resource Recovery you can be confident that our qualified operators will ensure your liquid waste is disposed of safely and efficiently. We run one off pump outs or regular scheduled services for domestic household and commercial sites. Some examples are:

  • Automotive & engineering workshops
  • Hospitals & nursing homes
  • Retail and take away food outlets
  • Cafes, hotels and clubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Residential properties
  • Portable toilets
  • Events and functions
    Liquid Waste removal

    Removal and processing of medical waste is part and parcel of operating any health care facility. At Solo Resource Recovery, we provide medical waste services in Perth which can be counted upon to do the job with the utmost standards of safety and efficiency. Whether you are operating a large health care provider or a small facility with select clientele, there is a critical need for medical waste services which maintain all health and safety standards as well as comply with the relevant regulations set by local and state authorities. As medical waste presents a hazard to those who come into contact with it, or even close proximity to it, the correct disposal methods are crucial to the operations of any relevant business.

    In any given health care setting, a number of different medical waste types are generated on a regular basis. These can include sharps (syringes, needles, and used surgical instruments), used surgical gloves, bodily fluids, and materials which come into contact with bodily fluids. Less frequently, but still important, is the need to dispose of glassware which has been used for testing and growing cultures. Finally, pharmaceutical products represent a substantial category of medical waste. While each of these types must be processed in different ways in order to protect the community, the common denominator is: these materials should never be disposed of through regular waste. Before you throw a potentially biohazardous item into the bin, never to be seen again, think twice about the safety of your actions. At some health care facilities, it appears there is no other option but to use the regular waste bin. In these circumstances, it is high time to engage Solo Resource Recovery to provide medical waste services in Perth for your clinic or business.

    We are able to provide suitable containers for different types of medical waste which your facility produces, in addition to our ongoing service which will ensure all biohazardous waste is collected according to a suitable schedule and disposed of in accordance with all legal and ethical obligations. Contrary to what you may assume, medical waste services in Perth are easily accessible and essential for any medical or allied health facility. Most allied health care professionals are adept at using waste receptacles which are earmarked for sharps or other pathological waste types, and can be trained to implement hygienic and safe habits to ensure a successful disposal. Moreover, bins for medical waste are designed to be intuitive so they can be used with minimal background knowledge. Yellow is the universal colour for pathological waste. Additionally, wording and images can be used to strengthen this message. It is especially important that medical waste bins are clearly marked to avoid cleaners from disposing of the bin’s contents in regular waste collections. This well intentioned act presents a danger to themselves, to others along the waste processing line, and to the environment if contamination occurs.

    Get in touch with Solo Resource Recovery to arm yourself with more information about what is available to you in terms of medical waste services in Perth. You can call us on 1300 46 76 56 to make a booking or to ask further questions. You may also wish to browse the many other business waste services we offer which could improve the waste management practices at your premises.

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    They will provide the best medical waste services Perth solutions that fit your needs and budget. For any more information, call Solo Resource Recovery at (1300 46 76 56). You can also send us your queries and requests via this Contact Us form.

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