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Liquid Waste Removal

When you hire Solo Resource Recovery you can be confident that our qualified operators will ensure your liquid waste is disposed of safely and efficiently. We run one off pump outs or regular scheduled services for domestic household and commercial sites. Some examples are:

  • Automotive & engineering workshops
  • Hospitals & nursing homes
  • Retail and take away food outlets
  • Cafes, hotels and clubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Residential properties
  • Portable toilets
  • Events and functions
    Liquid Waste removal

    Ensure your business has the best medical waste services in Frankston by engaging Solo Resource Recovery. We can assist you with the delivery of waste collection and processing for biohazardous and pharmaceutical materials which cannot be disposed of through regular waste channels.

    It is inevitable that any medical or allied health related business will create some forms of waste which must be treated with caution and care. This may be in the form of soiled bandages or cloth, used surgical gloves, used needles, and swabs, just to name a few. These items should always be handled with care due to their propensity to spread infection. Tightly regulated processes must be in place to maintain a safe and hygienic working and treatment environment. When it comes to the disposal of pathological or biohazardous waste, you must always abide by your legal obligations in terms of safety and environmental responsibility. At Solo Resource Recovery, our medical waste services in Frankston will ensure you are compliant with your legal requirements on this front.

    For many businesses in the health sector, needles and syringes are a common hazardous object which requires disposal through the appropriate methods. A sharps container is indicated for these situations. Medical waste services in Frankston can typically include the regular exchange of sharps containers. It is crucial that this takes place through a trusted provider. At Solo Resource Recovery, we ensure that the box contents are disposed of in line with all legal requirements in your area. It is furthermore necessary to opt for sharps containers which are of the utmost quality. You cannot recycle any old box into a sharps container. For safety reasons (to avoid needle stick injuries), the container should be lockable and should only be used for the disposal of sharp objects.

    There are many different medical waste services in Frankston, with each business or health facility having their own distinct needs. The type and volume of medical waste varies wildly between sites. At Solo Resource Recovery, we have the experience in partnering with many different types of businesses nationally to deliver impeccable waste management services. If you get in contact with us, we are able to provide you with guidance and advice on which services are available in your area and would be suitable for your business type. Being armed with information about your options and legal obligations can assist you in making sound decisions on how to dispose of the waste products of your business, so you can get back to focusing on the front-end and core operations. Simply give us a call and we will be able to answer your questions about medical waste services and any other waste disposal needs that you may have. It can be more efficient to bundle multiple waste management services together to cater for all needs of your business.

    To book in your medical waste services in Frankston, or to obtain further information and quotes, call us at Solo Resource Recovery. You can reach us by telephone on 1300 46 76 56 or electronically through the enquiries form on our website. At Solo Resource Recovery, we also offer many other commercial and business waste services in addition to medical waste services. Speak with us about how we can assist with and consolidate the waste disposal needs of your business.


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    They will provide the best medical waste services Frankston solutions that fit your needs and budget. For any more information, call Solo Resource Recovery at (1300 46 76 56). You can also send us your queries and requests via this Contact Us form.

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