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Construction waste bins

Solo Resource Recovery has several bulk construction waste bins suitable for disposing of construction waste materials efficiently and safely. We have construction waste bins ranging up to 65 cubic meters for bulky waste and very large volumes. Some of the common waste types we deal with include:

  • Recyclable building waste
  • Sewerage sludge
  • Building debri
  • Fibre cement
  • Sand and soils
  • Food waste
  • General construction waste

    Solo Resource Recovery is a leading company in the liquid waste collection Frankston space. We have over 80 years of experience in this industry and have been providing outstanding services to industrial, commercial, government, council as well as residential clients. Liquid waste removal is a specialised job that requires knowledge about the local rules and regulations. In addition you need state of the art equipment like vacuum-equipped trucks and tankers.

    Aside from this the technicians need to have the right certification and training to handle all types of liquid waste removal Frankston jobs. We handle one-off projects as well as contractual jobs for our clients. Our liquid waste services are not only reliable, but extremely cost effective as well. This means keeping your premises clean and free of all types of hazardous liquid wastes doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

    Liquid Waste Services Frankston

    We understand that each one of our clients will have very specific needs. It is why we provide customised services to our clients. We work closely with you in order to understand what your needs are before recommending plans that would work for you. The volume and type of waste that needs to be removed from your property would determine the frequency of the collection.

    We have highly experienced waste consultants on our team that can help to efficiently classify all their liquid wastes. They have expertise in reuse and recycling of different types of liquid waste materials and liquid waste composting. This is exactly why, hiring us for all your Frankston liquid waste collection needs is a smart choice. We handle every aspect of your liquid waste requirements such as:

    • Assessment and detailed analysis
    • Efficient and timely waste collection
    • Responsible disposal
    • Detailed documentation

    Range Of Liquid Waste Collection Frankston Services

    When we handle this job, you can rest assured that all of the liquid waste collected will be transported to the appropriate waste treatment disposal locations. At these EPA-approved treatment points, the liquid waste will either be recycled and/or treated in line with local rules and regulations and environmental standards. We offer a variety of services including:

    • Domestic- Grease traps, untreated swimming pools, polluted water, septic tanks
    • Commercial- Contaminated water, blocked drains, effluent, flooding mishaps
    • Industrial- Concrete slurry, contaminants, refuelling depots, containment traps
    • Municipal & Local Government- drain/watercourse/culvert maintenance or repairs, silt traps, flooding relief, wash bays
    • Property Services- Drain cleaning/unblocking, septic tanks
    • Utilities– Drain cleaning, vacuum excavation, effluent removal, settling ponds

    In addition, we also handle all types of grease traps, toilet blocks and portable toilets cleaning and waste collection. We use the latest technology in our work ensuring that every project is completed efficiently, effectively and rapidly.

    Professional Waste Management

    Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

    We at Solo Resource Recovery are here to help with all your one-off or regular Frankston liquid waste removal requirements. For more information, feel free to call us at (1300 46 76 56). You can also send us your queries and requests via this Contact Us form. One of our team members will call you within the shortest possible time.

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