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Solo Resource Recovery provides the solution with our wheelie bins. You need only call our team and we will use our experience in the industry to provide you with the type or size of wheelie bin that best suits your needs.

There are many reasons why you might contact Solo Resource Recovery to enquire about a private wheelie bin. Perhaps you have additional waste requirements, not catered for by the standard council two, or three bin system. In any case you can call 1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 7656) to discuss your waste requirements with one of our friendly skilled sales representatives.


We understand that you want to rid your home of excess waste in a quick, efficient manner. Rather than lug rubbish outside your home for collection, roll it. Wheelie bins are plastic, lidded bins that rest on two wheels so you can easily move your garbage between locations. Simply load your household waste inside these bins, close the lid and move the container to the kerbside collection site.

Wheelie bins hold different types of household waste, including:

  • Bathroom waste
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Disposable nappies
  • Food
  • Kitchen waste
  • Paper

Because we know that you might have loads of household waste in different sizes, we offer wheelie bins that hold up to 360 litres of rubbish. You can also select wheelie bins in a range of colours such as black, brown, green, grey and more. Keep your abode clear of waste materials with wheelie bins. Residents can call 1300 GO SOLO (1300 46 7656)to enquire about our wheelie bin services.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

For more information on the way that we can deliver services to your household and any queries you may have about the bins available and their respective features, please contact our local representatives:

  • Victoria – (03) 9770 8040 or 0417 309 886
  • South Australia – (08) 8159 5050 or 0418 698 051
  • NSW Hunter Region – (02) 4947 8511 or 0409 450 954
  • NSW Northern Rivers Region – (02) 6674 7656 or 0408 458 201

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