Medical Waste Services

Solo Resource Recovery have some locations which provide Pathological waste collection services for the collection of pathological and biohazardous materials for hospitals, dentists, surgerys, and others. We can provide a regular scheduled waste collection service, or adhock collections depending on your requirements. We ensure sharps containers can be exchanged, and all waste materials safely disposed of, and compliant with EPA requirements. A 240litre wheelie bin is usually supplied to accommodate the service. Vessels for sharps and special purpose designed bags are available in the following sizes:

  • 1.5L, 3.0L, 6.0L, 10.0L, 14.0L, 22.0L, 32.0L, 60L, 72L & 120L


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Our objective is to deliver a customised waste solution to each of our business customers

  • Victoria – (03) 9770 8040 or 0417 309 886
  • South Australia – (08) 8159 5050 or 0418 698 051
  • NSW Hunter Region – (02) 4947 8511 or 0409 450 954
  • NSW Northern Rivers Region – (02) 6674 7656 or 0408 458 201
  • Western Australia – (08) 9410 1566

Medical Waste Services

Pathological waste usually includes biohazardous waste materials such as used wound dressings, blood, needles, and other clinical waste materials requiring special handling. Waste Materials commonly disposed of include:

  • A needle, syringe with a needle, surgical instrument or other article that has a sharp edge/point capable of inflicting injury.
  • Soiled or blood soaked bandages
  • Culture dishes and other glassware
  • Discarded surgical gloves – after surgery
  • Discarded surgical instruments – scalpels
  • Needles – used to give shots or draw blood
  • Cultures, stocks and swabs used to inoculate cultures
  • Pharmaceuticals

Solo Resource Recovery can manage medical waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner which is critical to reducing the potential for injury, spread of infection, chemical toxicity and pollution. The safe containment, transport and disposal is a legal requirement. The waste must be disposed of only at EPA approved sites.

Availability of services can vary between locations and not all services are available at all locations. Check with one of our local friendly sales representatives for more information on availability of this service.