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Solo Resource Recovery provide Pathological waste collection services for hospitals, dentists, surgerys, and others. Sharps containers can be exchanged, and all waste materials safely disposed of, in compliance with local regulations. A 240litre wheelie bin is usually supplied to accommodate the service along with vessels for sharps. Special purpose designed bags are available in the following sizes:

  • 1.5L
  • 3.0L
  • 6.0L
  • 10.0L
  • 14.0L
  • 22.0L
  • 32.0L
  • 60L, 72L & 120L

This service is not available in all locations. Please contact your local Solo Resource Recovery representative in your area to find out more.

      Solo Resource Recovery is the provider of choice for any establishment seeking business recycling services in Northern Rivers in New South Wales. Increasingly, recycling is a vital part of the activities of any business. In addition to thinking about the service you provide or product you create, any responsible business should also consider how waste products are disposed of. This holistic approach can result in beneficial changes to how your business operates. Embedding recycling into your operating model can result in a more efficient business as well as the communication of an environmentally friendly ethos which is sure to be valued by your stakeholders.

      Generally, a mixed recyclables rubbish collection is the bare minimum you should have available by way of recycling options. Mixed collections allow you to dispose of a variety of materials including paper, cardboards, plastics, glass, and some metals. This provides you with a flexible and versatile recycling facility. It is advisable to have mixed recyclables containers near any waste bins which will be sent to landfill. This encourages the responsible disposal of recyclable materials in the correct bin. You can attain the best results by ensuring that recycling containers are readily available in convenient locations throughout your site or sites. To go an extra mile, you may wish to consider signage which directs users on what can and cannot be disposed of in the recycling bin. There are some misconceptions when it comes to recycling, which can be easily remedied through education.

      When it comes to business recycling services in Northern Rivers, there are a range of options available to you. We go far beyond simple mixed recyclables collections. More specialised recycling collections can be arranged. This is generally the more economical option when there are large volumes of waste being created through your day to day activities. A common example is organic waste collection. While this is not what you would traditionally think of as recycling, it fits the definition of utilising rubbish to make a new product, thus mitigating one’s environmental footprint. Green or organic waste collections are in demand from businesses that work with food or plant matter. Food scraps and offcuts, as well as spoiled food, do not have to end up in landfill. So too gardening waste can be composted and given a second life. Green waste bins are a common option to convey an ethical commitment and to save space in your mixed rubbish collection.

      Recycling does not need to be an imposition on your business. In fact, correctly designed waste management can make your business run more smoothly than before. It is simple for your employees to learn the new processes, and you will be pleased with the results. Business recycling services have never been more convenient and accessible. We are proud to partner with many businesses across a wide variety of sectors to assist in the responsible disposal of waste products.

      Reach out to us at Solo Resource Recovery to learn more about what we offer in terms of business recycling services in Northern Rivers. Pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 46 76 56, or contact us through our simple website form. We are able to provide you with information and guidance, quotes for cost of service, and convenient bookings for your preferred services.

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      They will provide the best business waste recycling Northern Rivers solutions that fit your needs and budget. For any more information, call Solo Resource Recovery at (1300 46 76 56). You can also send us your queries and requests via this Contact Us form.

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