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Bulk Bin Sizes

Solo Resource Recovery can remove and bulk haul waste for disposal providing domestic or business waste Bins between 4.5 cubic meters and 75 cubic meters bulk bins. Common bulk bin sizes include:

  • 65 cubic meter multilift bin
  • 8 & 10 cubic meter RORO bins
  • 15, 23 & 30 cubic meter RORO Bins
  • Bulk Waste compactor units
  • Caged Cardboard bins

Bulk bins Tweed Coast

Bulk bin services in Tweed Coast are provided by Solo Resource Recovery. We are proud to work with local businesses and residents to ensure disposal of waste is completed in a way that is safe and responsible, as needed. We provide bulk bins for all kinds of situations, including construction, demolition, community events, residential clean-ups and many more. If you need to dispose of a large volume of waste, a bulk bin is how you do it. In some situations, it may even be your legal obligation to dispose of waste in this manner.

At Solo Resource Recovery, we provide a large range of sizes of bulk bins in Tweed Coast. From smaller 4.5 cubic metre bins to our biggest at 75 cubic metres, with a great many sizes in between, we know that we will have something to accommodate your needs. Most situations will not call for these extreme size bins – they are typically used to dispose of waste from demolitions. We can also provide multiple bulk bins in one order so you can get the exact volume of rubbish removal that you require. Also, if you have a large site requiring clean-up, it may be easier for you to order several smaller bulk bins deposited at different site locations, minimising your need to cart heavy or awkward rubbish across large distances. We have seen it all before, so we do suggest you get in contact with us and describe what you require the bulk bin for. With our wealth of experience, we will think of aspects of bulk waste haulage which may not otherwise occur to you. For example, we are always concerned about how we can access the site requiring a bulk bin. If there is a low clearance, we will not be able to send a larger size bulk bin as they require a bigger truck. However, we may be able to work out a solution for a smaller bulk bin. We will also be interested to know what type of waste you need to be rid of. We are experienced in the disposal of hazardous materials, but we do need to know about this so we can ensure the processing is done legally and safely. We are also leaders in recycling and can provide bulk bins for this dedicated purpose. There are many possibilities, and our friendly team will help you discover them.

We understand that you do not want to spend your precious time thinking about bulk waste haulage in Tweed Coast. That is why we make it our business. Waste disposal is not what you look forward to, so we take pains to ensure it is simple and easy for you if you use our services. At Solo Resource Recovery, as a trusted waste management company working in all sectors of the community, we endeavour to understand your needs and put in place a plan which is easy for you to follow.

We are all about providing the best possible service for your waste disposal needs. The first step in arranging for hire of bulk bins in Tweed Coast is to give us a call. Our phone number is 1300 46 76 56. Alternatively, you may wish to drop us a message through the web enquiry form on our Contact Us page, leaving us to contact you at a convenient time.

Bulk waste haulage

Bulky waste is hauled using specialised vehicles designed to take the extra weight and fitted with the equipment to safely maneuver very large bulk waste bins. They may also be called roll on, roll off bins ( RORO ) hook bins, or hook lift bins, because of the way they are loaded on to the truck. Our RORO bins are also commonly referred to as large skip bins. They have no lid, and usually have a swinging gate at one end. This allows you to wheelbarrow or walk waste in.

Rubbish removal services of bins between 0.66 cubic meters and up to 4.5 cubic meters are commonly described as industrial bins. Those smaller bins are used for trade waste or commercial waste disposal utilising a front lift truck, which can empty multiple smaller bins on a single run.

Some other considerations when hiring a bulk waste bin are the accessibility of the location for heavy vehicles, and the dimensions of the bin. If excavators are loading waste, it’s worth considering the height of the bin, allowing for the excavator to load waste directly over the side.

Our professional operators can assist you in making the right decision For more information and an obligation free quote on skip bin hire, or any queries you may have about the sizes available and their respective features, please contact our local representatives or complete our online inquiry form.

We operate in the following service areas regarding Skip bins Adelaide, North Plympton, Murwillumbah, Chinderah, Kingscliff, Pottsville, Dandenong, Carrum Downs, Frankston, Keysborough, Lonsdale, Mornington, and the Northern Rivers, right along the entire Tweed Coast.


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Give us a call on 1300 46 76 56 or contact us through our website for more information on how we can deliver and service your industrial waste bins. Our professional and friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and to work together with you to develop a waste management plan that is sustainable, environmentally-conscious and convenient for your business.

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