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Published: November 21, 2019

When we happened upon this post of another child with a fascination for trucks, we obtained permission from the father to share the story. It shows that the nature of the humble Garbo runs deep through the industry. Credit to the driver who did this safely away from the truck, most likely JJR based on the location.


“So Erikah is absolutely obsessed with garbage trucks, and every Monday when the gabage Truck goes past she bursts through the front door waving like a complete lunatic. The past few weeks the Garbage man has started waving back and it makes her the happiest human. But, this past Monday as the truck stopped out the front, and Erikah started waving again, the driver got out!
He then walked over, and handed a toy Toowoomba Regional Garbage bin, to an astonished Erikah.

I have not seen a toddler who is in the peak of terrible twos, so happy!

This little bin gets tucked into bed now, every night. Unfortunately we didn’t get the amazing mans name. So to the General Waste Garbage man who emptied our bins this Monday, Thank you so much for your amazing act of kindness.”
Rob (Dad)

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