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Supporting the Community

Supporting the Community
Published: November 21, 2019

Solo Resource Recovery consistently receives good feedback in relation to friendly, professional service. Our Tweed Heads call centre received the below this week.

“On Monday morning, 8th April, I saw the driver empty my red bin (a small one). As he placed the bin back down it began to fall over, towards the road. He spent the extra 30 seconds to catch, and reposition the bin. It should be noted it is a slope where my bins are.
What your Garbo didn’t know is: I am a wheelchair user, and so, if the bin DID fall over, I am not able to pick it up. Secondly; I live in a turning area, drop-off of a School Zone. So, if the bin had fallen onto the road, it might well have impeded the cars of people arriving at school.
Therefore, a simple act of kindness by your driver; had many benefits.
Thank you.
And I should also mention the many times your Garbos give a friendly wave to my grandkids, who often like to watch the garbage trucks. This is another act of simple kindness, that ‘makes the day’ for two young kids.
Again. Thank you.
Tim – Bogangar”

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