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Solo Resource Recovery working with TLC

working with TLC
Published: November 21, 2019

We received this delightful letter after our Melbourne crew recently paired up with charity TLC to make this little boys day 

 Dear Jennifer, Paul and Shaun, (Solo Melbourne depot) Thank you so much for the ‘garbage truck’ experience for Tom yesterday.  As you may already know from TLC, Tom was a healthy 3-year-old when he was diagnosed with a rare, terminal, neurodegenerative condition called late infantile batten disease.  This is a terrible disease that will rob him of his ability to walk, talk, eat and see, before suffering early dementia, uncontrollable seizures and then death from 6.  Tom is 6, but he receives a new, life-saving, drug, which slows the progression of this disease.  As you could see, he thankfully remains happy and healthy – and majorly obsessed by garbage trucks! I wanted to tell you this so you could understand why we are so grateful to you for giving Tom the opportunity he had yesterday.  In particular, thank you for going out of your way to make a special little boy very happy.  I attach a few  of the many wonderful photos I took – the sleeping one is not a set-up, Tom took his garbage bin to bed last night!  It was, however, a little difficult to explain to him why he couldn’t also drive the garbage truck that picked up our bins this morning 

 Thanks again Kate

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