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Industrial and Grease Trap Cleaning Services Keeps Your Infrastructure in Optimal Working Condition

Grease Trap Cleaning Services
Published: October 7, 2021

Businesses rely on industrial cleaning services to keep their facilities and infrastructure in excellent condition. Solo Resource Recovery offers industrial cleaning services that are tailored specifically to the location of each project, as well as a complete onsite evaluation to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Solo Resource Recovery’s industrial cleaning services include marine-based scenarios on freight ships, ground tanks, council estates, and more. We use high-pressure water-jetting technology to restore your infrastructure to its original state quickly.

Solo Resource Recovery provides its industrial cleaning services for a variety of needs, such as

  • High pressure water jetting
  • Descaling
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Factory and warehouse cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Confined space entry
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Ducts and exhaust cleaning
  • Pipeline and Drainage Maintenance
  • Shutdowns and Emergency Spill Response
  • HP & UHP Water Blasting
  • Hydro Demolition

Through quality control measures and site audits, Solo Resource Recovery maintains high standards in all industrial cleaning services. Solo employees are always up to date on the latest industrial cleaning service equipment, tools, and procedures. We offer industrial cleaning services that are environmentally friendly in terms of products and procedures. To provide the best results from our industrial cleaning services, Solo uses industrial grade equipment, which has the capacity to handle any project of any complexity while still providing professional services with a personal touch. Solo Resource Recovery has a long-standing reputation with some of Australia’s leading corporations and has assisted them in achieving their waste and maintenance goals by utilising the best industrial cleaning practices on the market.

Grease trap cleaning services

Commercial grease traps are typically located outside of the main building and must be cleaned on a regular basis for proper operation. Solo Resource Recovery provides grease trap cleaning services by following a structured process, the key steps of which are outlined below.

To avoid damaging the lid’s gasket, the staff will slowly and gently remove the lid from the grease trap. The trap will then be measured with a ruler to see how many inches of grease are present. This will be noted and written down by the operator. After that, a pump is used to remove the water from the grease trap. The operator will then scrape the bottom, sides, and lid of the machine to remove any excess grease. This procedure prevents the rapid accumulation of debris that has been knocked loose but has not yet been removed. The grease trap will be scrubbed in the same area, the screens will be flushed, and water will be reintroduced into the grease trap. Any removed parts will be properly reinstalled, and the lid will be replaced.

How do you know when grease trap cleaning is required?

Your local water authority will set the frequency of cleaning your Grease trap and pumping out grease and sludge.  The frequency will typically depend on the type and size of the Grease trap and the nature and volume of the wastewater your business produces. Grease traps with capacities ranging from 400 to 5000 litres will necessitate the use of professional cleaning equipment as well as trained personnel with grease trap cleaning experience.

Waste disposal and recovery solutions

Solo Resource Recovery is skilled in a variety of industrial services, including CCTV inspection, liquid waste disposal, non-destructive digging, Geotech pavement investigation, emergency response & spills, and more. Businesses can take advantage of Solo’s waste disposal, recycling, and reuse services, which include construction waste services, wheelie bin services, liquid waste services, and medical waste services. Solo also provides homeowners with septic tank cleaning services and Australian councils with facility management services.

Solo Resource Recovery utilises cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure that waste is recycled to the greatest extent possible. We offer grease trap cleaning, industrial cleaning, and other waste recycling services throughout Australia, including Frankston, Adelaide, the Northern Rivers, Keysborough, and Perth.

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