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How You can Tell You Might Have a Drain Problem

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Published: February 3, 2019

If your pipes are becoming slow to drain, you may have a drain problem. At Solo Resource Recovery, we have experience in preventing and rectifying a number of different drain issues. In this post, we go through some of the most common signs that you have a drain problem.

It is always best to prevent rather than treat a problem. This adage applies to drains as much as anything else you encounter in life. Long before you see any slow drainage, you will be aware if you are mistreating your drains through improper disposal of waste. At Solo Resource Recovery, we would much rather assist you with correct and legal waste disposal as a sustainable long-term solution. We are able to collect and process all types of business and industrial waste, including liquids, chemicals, and biohazardous waste, so there is no excuse to be pouring these dangerous materials down the sink. Drains in industrial facilities also require occasional servicing to ensure all is working as it should be. We are able to assist with the regular cleaning and unblocking of your drains if this applies to you.

Drains can only withstand mistreatment for so long. If you are starting to notice that they are functioning a little differently, you most likely have a drain issue. The first sign that you have a drain problem is usually that liquids are a little slower than usual to drain. This symptom may persist for a time before it gets gradually or suddenly worse. The earlier you notice an issue, the cheaper and easier it will be to restore your drains to their normal level of operation. Slow drainage is usually a sign of a blockage in the pipe. Determining how many sinks are impacted can help you deduce where the blockage is located. For example, if only one sink is draining slowly but surrounding sinks seems to be unaffected, the blockage is most likely localised to that pipe. However, if a number of sinks are draining slowly, the issue is in a more common area. This requires an expert to come in and examine the problem – it is not the sort of issue that will get better on its own, and in fact will only get worse with inaction.

If you ignore your slow drainage issue, you will eventually figure out that there is a problem due to the arrival of an unpleasant smell. A putrid smell coming from sinks, toilets and showers is a dead giveaway that there is a severe problem with your drains. This requires urgent attention.

Another sign of a problem with your drains is if water comes back – for example, if you flush the toilet and water starts coming out of a nearby sink. As this water is very likely biohazardous, do not touch it or attempt repairs yourself. This is a sign that you need to call in an expert immediately.

At Solo Resource Recovery, we are proud to include drain and pipe cleaning as part of our comprehensive suite of waste management services. Our high pressure hydro jetting and vacuum equipment allows us to efficiently and effectively unblock drains. We are experienced at unblocking drains of all shapes, sizes, and lengths.

To get in touch with Solo Resource Recovery about your drainage issue, you can reach us by phone on 1300 46 76 56, or drop us a message through our web form and we will contact you.

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