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How to reduce waste during an office relocation

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Published: September 29, 2020

Moving office is a substantial undertaking. Even a small office will require countless hours of planning and careful management to prepare for a smooth relocation. Read on for top tips on reducing the amount of waste generated during an office relocation.

Most office relocations will involve the usage of a moving service. If this applies to you, when selecting a moving service provider, ask them about their waste management procedures and the type of boxes to be used. One way to greatly reduce office moving waste is to use crates rather than disposable cardboard boxes for moving. A moving company which owns a fleet of crates, that are re-used on multiple jobs, will mean you are not stuck with a bunch of cardboard boxes and plastic wrap that must be disposed of.

Before the moving process begins, all employees should begin sorting through the items at their desks and in their drawers. An office relocation is a good opportunity to be rid of items that are not truly needed, and to identify where duplicate items exist. In the month leading up to the move, create dedicated boxes for stationery and other common items that may otherwise be thrown out. For example, you may wish to provide a space for plastic pockets for later re-use. Otherwise, these items are likely to be chucked in the bin.

Prior to your move, ensure you have ample recycling bin space. You may wish to hire a dedicated bulk bin for recycling, so that recyclable items are not sent to landfill due to having no other option. At Solo Resource Recovery, we are able to assist by providing hire of bulk bins, including dedicated cage bins for paper and cardboard recycling.

It is important to consider how you will dispose of any electronic waste. An office move is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of any dinosaur computers, but they do need to be disposed of appropriately. Be aware that unwanted electronic items should not be sent to landfill. Depending on the amount of electronic waste, you have a few options including donation, drop off at council recycling points, or hire of a bulk bin for recycling e-waste. As always, it is best to understand your waste requirements ahead of time so you are not attempting to find an electronic waste solution at the last minute.

The last item to be moved from the office should be your bins. You should have accessible bins, including recycling bins, up until every other item is gone. Otherwise, you will find some unexpected waste – perhaps some scrap paper left behind in a cupboard – with nowhere nearby to put it. Having bins on hand until the last moment will mean a more efficient move, as you will not have to leave the premises to dispose of last-minute waste, and will mean that recyclable items are not placed in the incorrect bin for the sake of convenience.

Get in touch with us at Solo Resource Recovery for bin hire and for any other waste management requirements that you may have. Talk it over with one of our friendly team by calling on 1300 46 76 56. Or, you can leave a message through our website contact form and we will follow up with you to provide further details.

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