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How to reduce waste at events

reduce waste at events
Published: January 22, 2021

Where you have many people congregating in one place, you will need to put some thought into how waste is managed. Whether for a party, a concert, a festival, or any other public event, Solo Resource Recovery can assist you to manage and reduce the waste produced. In today’s blog, we discover how to mitigate your event’s contribution to landfill.

It is important to provide bins onsite in convenient locations for visitors or participants in your event. This is especially the case if there is food consumption. If there are no bins, or if they are too few and far between, you will end up with a colossal clean up job on your hands. For any public or semi-public event, the most basic requirement is to have accessible bins that can later be consolidated into one larger bin for collection. For example, you may have small wheelie bins or waste bins placed throughout the event venue, and a hired skip bin in a more covert location. The small bins should be regularly emptied into the bulk bin, which can then itself be collected for convenient waste management. Bulk bin hire is one of the many services we offer at Solo Resource Recovery. We are able to deliver the bulk bin to a convenient location, collect it at the required time, and process its contents.

Having bins on site is a basic way to manage waste at your event, but you can strive to reduce waste with some simple tactics. Waste reduction is not only environmentally responsible, it also reduces your waste collection costs.

Introducing recycling of certain types of waste is the most effective way you can reduce the quantity of waste that goes to landfill. Recyclable materials include plastic, cardboard, paper, and even glass. By providing recycling bins, which many of the public are already accustomed to using, you can ensure that these items are disposed of responsibly. At events, you may have more options in how to implement recycling. For example, if you do not have room for a recycling bin, you could have staff tasked with the collection of glass bottles that are then taken offsite for recycling.

Food waste is another area to target. At Solo Resource Recovery, we assist many businesses with the recycling of green or organic waste. Having an appropriate green bin in any food preparation and consumption areas is environmentally responsible and will save room in your skip bin.

Another way to reduce waste to landfill is by examining opportunities for more environmentally friendly packaging or items. For example, if you are selling merchandise or hosting a food vendor, you could make the effort to reduce the amount of plastic that is used. Perhaps the merchandise does not need to be plastic wrapped, or could be given inside a paper or other biodegradable bag. Plastic cutlery is another area worthy of examination – you could consider reusable cutlery, or disposable bamboo cutlery that is better for the environment. This waste reduction strategy must be embedded at the early planning stage of your event.

Speak with our friendly team at Solo Resource Recovery for all event waste needs. We are able to work with you on bin hire and other essentials to ensure that waste is managed professionally at your event or venue. Get in touch by phone on 1300 46 76 56 or contact us through our website.

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