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How to dispose of old furniture

dispose of old furniture
Published: September 15, 2020

When you’re moving to a new home or office, re-designing a room, or have items damaged by fire or floods, you may be asking how to get rid of your old furniture quickly and easily. Disposing of old furniture can be difficult, especially if there is a considerable amount of stuff to be disposed of at once.

If your furniture is in decent condition and you have some time to spare, the best option is to sell or donate your unwanted items. It is simple to place an advertisement online, and you may find that others are happy to take the old furniture off your hands. This is the ideal solution, but it is not always possible due to the condition of the items or if you need to be rid of everything quickly and do not have time to make arrangements for others to pick up the items.

Another option is hard rubbish collection, provided by your local council. There are usually set dates for hard rubbish collection, and you will need to call them to arrange for the collection of your items. This is a good way to get rid of a small amount of old furniture, especially if you are not too fussed about the collection date.

Otherwise, the easiest way to dispose of old furniture is to hire a skip bin service. This provides a flexible and personalised solution for your waste disposal needs. At Solo Resource Recovery, we provide skip bins for hire in a wide range of sizes. We work nation-wide with a variety of partners and are able to provide you the level of service you require. It is simple to hire a bulk bin from Solo for your furniture disposal needs. Our specialised vehicle will drop off the bin to the desired location. Once you have filled it, we will come back to collect it. This is a fuss free solution for the disposal of large amounts of rubbish or unwanted items.

It can be a challenge to estimate the size of the bulk bin that you require. It is always better to order a size larger than you think you need, as it is common to under-estimate the size of items or how different items will share the space inside the bin. A larger bin gives you more flexibility to fill the space. You may be planning just to dispose of furniture, but find that there is plenty of other rubbish that you want to dispose of.

Another consideration is site access. We will need to deliver the bin by truck, so consider the size of gates to get to the target location. For most, a skip bin can be conveniently delivered to your front yard or just outside the property. However, we will not be able to get a bulk bin into your back yard if access is through a small gate only.

Get in touch with us at Solo Resource Recovery for your waste management needs, including skip hire which may be necessary for the disposal of unwanted furniture and other large goods. We can be reached by phone on 1300 46 76 56 or through our website contact form. We can provide you with information and advice, a quote for service, or create a new booking for you.

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