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A New Waste Processing Method Introduced by Melton council

Waste Processing Method Australia
Published: February 17, 2022
Waste Processing Method

A new waste processing method introduced by Melton council and designed to convert household waste into electricity will benefit the environment and help manage waste costs for ratepayers in Melton.

Each year, it will divert about 50,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and reduce Co2 emissions equivalent to planting one million trees.

Council will enter into a contract with Recovered Energy Australia and Solo Resource Recovery in order to implement the advanced waste processing method.

This means council will transition away from landfill and instead have waste processed into a steam that will be converted into electricity.

A new facility will be built in Laverton to undertake this process for several organisations, including Melton council. This is expected to operate from mid-2024.

Melton Mayor Goran Kesic said it was an innovative process council looked forward to implementing.

“We’re proud to transition away from landfill and lead the way as one of the first councils in Victoria to process kerbside waste at a waste-to-energy facility,” Cr Kesic said.

“This alternative method will help manage waste costs and meet emissions reduction targets.

“It’s an excellent outcome to be able to divert about 50,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and reduce Co2 emissions that equate to planting one million trees each year.

“We look forward to seeing this facility fully operational in the coming years. This is about creating a greener future and providing greater cost certainty around waste processing.”

Melton councilor Steve Abboushi took to Facebook to announce the new method.

“We look forward to using this technology and providing a cost and environment benefit to our community,” he said.

Residents in the area responded to the posts on social media.

“Finally. Maybe the rest of Melbourne can do this as well instead of dumping their rubbish within our Council,” one resident wrote.

“Terrific news. Well done,” another wrote.

“A milestone for Victoria. Let’s hope it happens around the state.”

Originally posted by Sarah Oliver @ Star Weekly.

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