Business Recycling

Many businesses and organisations produce a significant amount of material that can be recycled. Paper and cardboard is the most common stream but mixed recyclables, glass, organics and construction and demolition waste are also increasing. Solo can tailor your waste service so that you are minimising your waste to landfill with an economical solution. Possible recycling options for your organisation include:

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Our objective is to deliver a customised waste solution to each of our business customers

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Business Recycling

Paper/Cardboard – packaging and waste paper make up over 50% of the domestic waste stream and can be even higher in offices and warehouses. Paper and cardboard are easily recycled and reused and generally simple to separate from other waste for collection.

Mixed recyclables – like your household collection, you may be ready for a mixed recyclables collection at work. This can include paper/cardboard mixed in with glass, certain plastics, steel and aluminium cans.

Organics – you may produce organic waste at work if you are a restaurant or other food related business or perhaps you have a nursery or florist. With many households now receiving an organics service through their local Council, this type of service is starting to be offered to workplaces where organic waste is common.

Construction and Demolition (C&D) – when construction work occurs often the materials being earmarked for disposal off site are removed as an isolated stream, for eg, timber framing from a house, concrete rubble from an old slab or metal roofing and cladding from an old shed. We can help you to dispose of these products so that you can reduce your landfill disposal costs.

Other recyclables – as our recycling economy improves more waste materials are able to be recycled, for eg, fluorescent light globes, e-waste or polystyrene. Our sales staff will be happy to talk to you about the possibilities for diversion of any material that you may be producing.