Solo Resource Recovery garbage truck driver Shanden Davis placed his Melbourne waste collection truck into the “Touch-A-Truck” show on Sunday.
The weather was fantastic so it made the day a big success with loads of kids wanting to take a look at the garbage truck.

A couple of our little wheelie bin stationary holders were handed out. You may recall from a previous post that Shanden maintains his garbage truck well. There were some great comments on the condition of the truck, including some from our competitors! 

In the days leading up to the Touch a Truck Show in Melbourne, Shanden spent a lot of his own time and dedication bringing his garbage truck up to show room condition. (which it normally is for every day council waste collections anyway!)

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking Shanden for his time and giving the kids and adults an insight into our Melbourne waste collection vehicles.

Job well done by a well deserving leading hand!