Why You Must Manage Medical Waste Properly

Medical waste is extremely dangerous. A business can cause significant harm to the environment if its medical waste disposal policies are not well-defined. For example, poor medical waste disposal can transmit disease, disrupt wildlife, and harm brand reputation. As a result, organisations must instil in their employees the importance of properly disposing of medical waste. Getting rid of medical waste successfully allows a company to create a workplace that is safe for both patients and employees.

Here, we look at the top reasons for disposing of medical waste properly.

It is considered hazardous in nature

You may be interested to know what the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies as medical waste. The WHO has categorised medical waste into the following categories.

  • Pathological: Contaminated animal carcasses, and human tissue
  • Infectious: Bodily fluids, bandages from isolated patients, animal wastes, blood, and stocks and cultures of infectious agents that are usually used for research purposes
  • Sharps: Syringes, needles, blades, and broken glass that may expose anyone to infection or injure them
  • Chemicals: Disinfectants, solvents, mercury from thermometers, heavy metals, and batteries from different medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals: Unused, contaminated, and expired drugs
  • Genotoxic: Carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutagenic substances that are primarily used during cancer treatment
  • Radioactive: Chiefly diagnostic materials used in radiotherapies
  • General: Other generic medical waste commonly found in medical setups

Putting medical staff at risk

Your personnel can be affected by medical waste at your facility until it is properly disposed of. As a result, you are prohibited from disposing of infectious items and sharps in normal garbage receptacles. If your employees dump sharp objects into a typical rubbish bin, anyone picking up waste is likely to injure themselves. Furthermore, disposing of sharps in a standard waste bin exposes your staff and medical workers to disease transmission, including:

  • HIV
  • Ebola
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis
  • Malaria

Some of these diseases may have lifelong impacts and may even cause death if the infected person is not treated on time.

Risking the community

Historically, the majority of medical waste has been disposed of in landfills. However, before disposing of medical waste in landfills, we should consider the extent of the threats that our communities would experience as a result. When you dump medical waste, you endanger the lives of others who live nearby. Furthermore, most medical waste has a lengthy half-life, which means it can take a thousand years to disintegrate.

SOLO: A strategic medical waste disposal partner

At Solo Resource Recovery, we empower you to manage medical waste safely and in an eco-friendly way. Our medical waste disposal processes are in line with every facility’s aim to minimise the chances of:

  • Spreading infections
  • Causing pollution
  • Creating injury
  • Promoting chemical toxicity

We ensure all medical waste is contained, transported, and disposed of as per legal requirements. In addition, we ensure that the waste matter is dumped only at EPA-approved sites. We help medical facilities dispose of different waste materials, including:

  • Sharps such as needles and other sharp-edged medical instruments
  • Blood-soaked and soiled bandages
  • Culture dishes and related glassware
  • Discarded surgical gloves and scalpels
  • Stocks and swabs used for inoculating cultures
  • Pharmaceuticals and similar items

Our medical waste collection services are used by surgeons, dentists, hospitals, pharmaceutical units, and life science facilities. We offer different sharps container collection solutions as well. As per this, we offer a 240-litre bin used for disposing of sharps. If you do not require such a high-capacity disposal bin, we have a range of special-purpose bags in different capacities ranging from 1.5 litres to 120 litres.

Contact us today to find out more about Solo’s medical waste collection service.

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