Street Sweeping

Street Sweeper vehicles

At Solo Industrial services we deploy road sweeping vehicles tackling light debris, through to high volumes and heavier material. Contact one of our professional operators below to learn more about how Solo IS can assist.

At Solo Industrial services we have experienced operators with skills across the entire range of industrial street sweeping options. Leveraging the technology available to us within our extensive fleet we can service the following:

Maintenance of Council roads
Roadworks of newly constructed Hi-ways
Construction sites access ways, and areas for parked vehicles
Other project construction sites such as bridges, roads, sporting complexes, parks, and buildings
Solo IS deploy cutting edge technology for cleaning drainage pits and can tackle a broad range of projects utilising high pressure water jetting functions. We have a vast range of trucks and are able to deploy the right vehicle for the right job. We can sweep very light debris like grass, through to heavier, and higher volumes of debris like sand and gravel.

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In addition, we also offer Non-Destructive Digging CCTV Inspections, Cable and Pipe Locating, Drain Cleaning, Liquid Waste Disposal, Geo-tech Pavement Investigation, Vacuum loading, Waste Transport, High Pressure Water Jetting, Emergency Response and Spills, Equipment Hire and more.

So which-ever type of industry technology you need, feel free to get in touch today!
For further information on our Subsurface maintenance inspections, please call us on 1300 Go Solo (1300 46 76 56) and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable members of staff. If you prefer, please send an email or alternatively use one of our contact forms on this site.
Some examples of customers are government agencies and facilities, small and large factories, markets, utility services, markets, and shopping centers.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

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  • South Australia – (08) 8159 5050 or 0418 698 051
  • NSW – (02) 6674 7656 or 0407 672 862
  • Western Australia – (08) 9410 1566 or 0455 851 411

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