Drain and Pipe cleaning

Industrial Services drain & pipe inspections

Solo IS use high pressure hydro jetting and vacuum equipment with a range of rotating nozzles and root cutting blades with capacity over large distances allows for the unblocking and cleaning of all drain types and sizes with complete removal of debris and recycling of waste water.

Drain and Pipe Cleaning

Solo IS have a comprehensive range of Jet vacuum and recycling vehicles that are able to provide efficient, drains and pipes or culvert cleaning using high pressure jetting and vacuum technology.

The technology includes retractable six to eight inch booms, various rotating nozzles and cutting blades and capacity to 450 lpm. They have the capability to service any size and kind of pipe over long distances with very low risk.

Safe Environment

No waste is left behind with water being recycled.  In conjunction with Solo IS CCTV service blocked pipes and drains can be inspected prior to work being conducted to ensure the job is completed with minimal cost and risk. The cost effectiveness of our  drain pipe and culvert clearing is second to none, and safe to the environment.

All clients can be confident knowing that health and safety is a high priority on every job. We are constantly reviewing our procedures and processes to make sure our operating protocols are up to date and continuously improved over time.

Contacting Solo Resource Recovery

One of our friendly team members would love to hear from you to discuss your next project in person. Feel free to call us on 1300 Go Solo (1300 46 76 56) to discuss and obtain an obligation free quote. We commonly service right across the country and are happy to discuss what solutions we can offer.

Professional Waste Management

Removal of waste is just the beginning of what we offer

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