With disposal and processing facilities centralising and distances between collection areas and disposal or processing locations increasing, effective transport solutions are critical to the long term sustainability of a Council’s waste services. Depending on the type of material, the location to be transported from, the tonnes involved and final destination, several solutions are available to maximise resource recovery, service responsiveness and economical efficiency. These may include the use of semi trailers, b-doubles or rigid vehicles with a variety of options for trailer types and logistical variables such as bins on site, bin sizes, vehicle types and collection frequency.

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Solo’s first municipal contract started 80 years ago in the Tweed valley

In all of our operations we strive to exceed our Council customers’ expectation by delivering reliable, professional and innovative services. To ensure continual improvement our Chinderah Head Office maintains triple certification for our Quality, Safety and Environment Management Systems. Our point of difference lies however in our approach to our municipal clients. We work cooperatively, diligently and flexibly with Council officers to develop a great relationship that produces great results.


Solo presently provide several Councils with transport solutions within municipality boundaries, to facilities located in other areas and also interstate transport. Our fleet includes walking floors, liquid tankers, tipper and hook lift trucks enabling us to tailor a solution to any transport service required. Our manufacturing workshop in Chinderah builds bins from 1m3 to 75m3 which compliments the required vehicles with bin capacity at the point of collection such as a public transfer station.

Our experience in the pre and post transport aspects of the waste cycle, such as kerbside collection and disposal at a transfer station, or the operation of a landfill or recycling facility, means that we have the necessary knowledge and regard for the other steps in the process.

Vehicle and bin resources are strong at Solo allowing our transport solutions to be available on a short term or long term basis. We are available to provide information on a variety of transport alternatives that may suit your situation with a view to establishing the best value solution for the work at hand. For further details or to discuss with no obligation, you can contact:

Victoria – (03) 9770 8040 or 0417 309 886

South Australia – Adrian Rose (08) 8159 5050 or 0419 816 987

NSW Hunter Region – (02) 4947 8511 or 0409 450 954

NSW Northern Rivers Region – Laurie Forby (02) 6674 7656 or 0409 531 314

Western Australia – Daniel Soltwisch (08) 9410 1566 or 0455 061 261