Garbage/Residual Waste

With the objective of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, our services use proven equipment, effective kerbside contamination management and engaging education programs to minimise the residual waste from a Council service and increase the yield of recycling and organics. We can offer the collection of waste in a variety of bin sizes, tailored to the municipality’s collection system and demographics.

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Solo’s first municipal contract started 80 years ago in the Tweed valley

Our initiatives to directly reduce the amount of garbage/residual waste going to landfill include:

  • Bin auditing and promotion to get recycling and organics out of the garbage bin and into the recycling or organics bin
  • Education programs to help residents generate and dispose of less waste
  • Providing customised bin systems that allow for maximum waste diversion
  • Working together with Council officers on waste minimisation programs

Solo’s history of innovation includes inventing systems, such as divided bin systems, which can economically introduce new possibilities for waste diversion to the resident. Please have a look at our Recycling and Organics services for local government and should you have any questions or wish to discuss anything, you can contact us on (02) 6674 7656.

Garbage/Residual Waste

Our point of difference from other waste management companies is in our relationship with our clients. We partner cooperatively and flexibly with Council officers to develop and enhance the operations, which allow us to produce innovative solutions with great results. Our clients benefit from Solo Resource Recovery’s 80 years of planning and system design expertise within the Australian domestic waste industry.