Facility Management

Solo Resource Recovery provide total waste management solutions with multiple waste disposal options to reduce cost and improve efficiency. The following facilities are owned and operated at locations across Australia:

  • Transfer stations
  • Landfills and associated infrastructure
  • Materials recovery facilities (MRFs)
  • Liquid waste treatment plants
  • Reusable goods retail outlets
  • Organics processing facilities

With waste going to a variety of facilities in these times, rather than landfill, Solo have the experience and resources to safely manage any waste facility with experienced and professional staff on the ground.

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Solo’s first municipal contract started 80 years ago in the Tweed valley

Solo Resource Recovery manages a number of waste transfer stations either owned by Solo or managed on behalf of government. The stations are licensed and purpose built to take-on domestic, commercial and industrial waste types.

All waste is safely managed and disposed according to EPA requirements. Salvageable wood, plastics, glass, and metals are sorted from in-bound waste and sent for recycling, while our bulk haulage trucks efficiently transport left-over waste to other facilities or landfill.

Solo owned systems are centrally integrated back to head office allowing for flexibility, security, and storage of daily transactions. Solo strives for a greener IT, with computer infrastructure running out of a centralised micro-data center and many locations either converting too, or already running solar panels.

Solo Resource Recovery employ safe work practices and certified management systems at approved locations.

Facility Management

Our services include the provision of machinery and staff, site development and improvement, changing systems to increase resource recovery rates and conducting research to incorporate new processing and disposal methods into the management of our facilities.

Our network of industry affiliates is large enabling each of our facilities to find a market for recyclable streams. We work together with Councils as owners or contract principals to ensure that goals for the services are achieved. One example of this is Mornington Peninsula Shire Council where we were able to work with Council to achieve a waste diversion increase from 18% to over 60% in 12 months, gaining Council and Solo a Public Leadership Award in the process.

Please contact us on (02) 6674 7656 for more details on how Solo can successfully manage your waste facility.