Leading Innovations

Solo’s industry leading innovations are complimented by a genuine customer focus. We deliver the service of a family company with the professionalism and resources of a large company. Our culture is such that we aim to develop long term relationships with our customers to achieve their waste management objectives reliably, responsibly and economically.

About Solo Resource Recovery

Solo Resource Recovery is a 100% Australian owned and operated industrial services, and waste management company that has been providing efficient waste solutions for government, business and households for over 80 years.

We specialise in the collection, transport, processing and disposal of all forms of waste including garbage, recyclables, organic waste, liquid waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, construction waste, demolition waste, commercial waste, trade waste, and industrial waste. Solo also manufacture waste equipment including waste collection vehicles, waste bins, skip bins and garbage compactors. We have designed, built and manage waste disposal facilities such as waste transfer stations and waste recycling plants and manage several landfill operations also. We provide services to municipal, commercial and residential customers in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia with waste collection and disposal operations just commencing in Western Australia.

Our waste services have always been based on innovation – delivering proven technology at great value for our customers. We have many firsts here in Australia, such as the first side loading residential garbage truck for residential green waste collections, residential garbage collections and residential recycling. The first divided wheelie bin and truck, the first private company to have independent Quality certification, and the first municipal waste collection service with carbon emissions offset.

Solo Blog

Solo have been successful with waste services in Melbourne.


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