Household Recycling

Recycling in households was introduced in many Council areas during the 1980s when Solo developed a divided bin that allowed residents to put garbage in one half of the bin and recycling in the other. The collection vehicle was also divided and had two back doors so the material was able to be kept separate for unloading at the landfill (garbage) or processing facility (recycling).

Now, many Councils have a dedicated wheelie bin, generally 240 litres in size, that is presented at the kerbside fortnightly for emptying.

The range of materials that can be put in the recycling bin has expanded to include in many cases, all plastics coded 1 to 7, paper, cardboard, steel/tin, aluminium and glass.

If you’re interested in separating your household recyclables for processing and do not yet have a recycling bin, contact your Council. They should be able to have a recycling bin delivered or provide you with directions for the correct disposal of your recycling to a local transfer station or  bottle depot.

More information on recycling around the house can be found at: