Disposal Facilities

Solo have designed, built and operated a variety of waste and recycling facilities both independently and for Councils. In our most recently commenced facility management contract for Mornington Peninsula we have been able to achieve a state best diversion ratio through their two major and three seasonal transfer stations using extra customer service staff to assist customers unloading and separating and a variety of marketing and processing of collected materials to divert recyclables from landfill.

We presently operate the following waste management facilities for use by the general public. We look forward to seeing you there.

Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Facility – Tweed Shire, NSW

Stotts Creek Information

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre – North Plympton, SA

AW&RC information

Mornington Peninsula Transfer Stations and Landfill

Mornington Peninsula Transfer Station Informations

Disposal Facilities