Solo Resource Recovery is committed to the development of new recycling initiatives and the enhancement of existing recycling services.

The separation of waste and recovery of recyclable material will extend the life span of existing landfills.  Recycling is also great for our environment. By recycling, we reduce the need for raw materials to make products.

Why Recycle?

To save energy – by recycling we reduce our power consumption and, therefore, our output of harmful greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning.

To save resources – by recycling we reduce our demand for raw materials and therefore, our impact on the environment.

To reduce disposal costs – it is becoming more and more expensive to dispose of our waste in landfill sites and by other means. By recycling we reduce our contribution to pollution and waste disposal problems.  Here at Solo Resource Recovery we provide Recyclables collection services in similar sized bins to those available for garbage collection.

We are experts in providing a Recyclables collection service that is tailored to your demographics, budget and objectives.

Automated side loading lifters are used to collect the MGBs and the vehicle can be engineered to accept either an undivided or a divided bin.