Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins have been used in Australia since the 1970s and Solo have used their practical design to develop the side loading garbage truck, now seen as an industry standard. Our range of bins now extends from 60L up to 360L and some would argue even larger, as industrial bins from 660L to 4500L also come on wheels, but in their case its 4 wheels, not 2. Different bin sizes suit different uses and materials being deposited, with the standard 240L still far and away the most popular for household and business use.

Wheelie bins are the choice of bins where mobility, accessibility and efficiency are important. A wheelie bin can be shifted around a house or workshop, or through an office to a lunchroom. Access is easy for all users and it can be easily moved by one person. They are ideal where the waste is relatively small and the volume per week is relatively low. Wheelie bins are also ideal where a waste receptacle is needed as several locations around a site and then brought to a central location for collection.

Our wheelie bin services that are provided directly, outside of any local Council service, vary depending on the location. Generally we are able to offer the following alternatives:

240 litre garbage bin

240 litre recycling bin

240 litre paper and cardboard only bin

240 litre glass only bin

24o litre medical waste bin

We encourage you to contact us though if your needs require a bigger or smaller bin.

Victoria – Phil Barker (03) 9770 8040 or 0417 309 886

South Australia – Ben Somerfield (08) 8159 5050 or 0418 698 051

NSW Hunter Region – Sean Clayton (02) 4947 8511 or 0409 450 954

NSW Northern Rivers Region – Neil Tobitt (02) 6674 7656 or 0408 458 201