Construction and Demolition


The amount of waste from a construction site is often significant and the weight of waste materials generally heavy with bricks, rubble, timbers, plasterboard and metals present. Solo has several solutions with regards to bins and trucks that enable you and your team to dispose of materials quickly and safely.

We can assist with the sorting of materials also to reduce landfill costs. Concrete rubble, timbers, metals and cardboard can all be separated and taken for recycling at lower cost that general combined waste.

Our bins take 3 forms:

1. industrial waste bins – 0.75m3 to 4.5m3 – good for jobs that have less volume and lighter waste that may be continuous over several weeks or months. The opening is at the top of the bin around chest height so these bins suit waste that is easily lifted. Generally economical as the contents are collected as part of a larger truck run.

2. Merrell skip bins – 4.5m3 – good for renovations and medium size building jobs producing various waste types. The bin is designed for easy, no lid disposal over the waist high sides. Average economy with empty bins being stackable but full bins requiring a separate trip by the collection vehicle to the landfill.

3. Skip bins – 8m3 – 30m3, although for builders the 8m3 and 10m3 sizes are ideal. These bins are good for large waste amounts and heavy materials. Waste can be wheelbarrowed into the rear of the skip through a gate or dumped via excavator or backhoe into the skip. Able to take higher tonnes so suitable for concrete, bricks, timbers, metals, soils and other heavy items.

To find out more about our Construction and Demolition services, please contact:

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